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“Your Employee is Your Greatest Asset”

Whether your business is high-tech, manufacturing, sales or service, nothing impacts the success of your company more than the quality of your workforce. Your competitive edge is directly linked to your ability to attract and retain valuable employees.

Motivated, healthy employees approach their work with pride, initiative, and an investment in the quality of their work. They make fewer mistakes, use less sick time, submit fewer worker’s comp claims, have fewer accidents, are involved in fewer disciplinary actions and grievances, and have less turnover. Motivated healthy employees represent a major cost savings to your company.

Life Today is Challenging

Dual careers, dependent care, single parenting, the loss of extended family, social violence, substance abuse, AIDS, financial and legal worries, and parent-child conflicts are just some of the challenges your employees face… challenges that can overwhelm even your most motivated employee.

While most employees try to keep their personal problems out of the workplace, an unresolved problem will eventually show up in diminished work performance.

Outlook EAP Presents:
"Becoming an Authentic and Effective Manager with the Enneagram of Personality Types"

Wamsutta Club, New Bedford
Friday, May 9, 2014
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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